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Buy leather bags online in OriginalLuxury online shop

Originalluxury is a multi-brand online boutique, which is specializes in exclusive accessories and clothing from the most famous international designers. Our store offers its customers only new arrivals and the latest collections from luxury brands around the world. On our website you can always find bags, purses and backpacks of all sizes, colours, shapes, fabrics and materials. Our bags are made both for men and for women. Some of them are unisex, but each one of them has its own unique design. We collaborate exclusively with the topnotch manufacturers of designer accessories. This is why you will undoubtedly choose something special for yourself. It can be both an elegant clutch for an evening dress or a small crossbody for casual everyday style, or a spacious backpack for travelling or a stylish tote handbag for work.

In our boutique we have the best products from collections of such brands as Artioli, Billionaire, Philipp Plein, Serpui, The Volon. Bags of each of the designers have their own mood, unique texture, and own audience and history.


Artioli is an exquisite brand of leather products for men in which quality, delicate style and classic Italian chic have been mixed up. Artioli designs a wide choice of leather bags according to the highest quality criteria and standards. The bag, designed by Artioli, emphasizes the status of its owner, his financial and social status. Expensive, stylish and tasteful. Find it on


Billionaire presents a luxuriously eccentric wardrobe for men who are not afraid to show who they are and their lifestyle. Dominant, courageous and ambitious, a client that chooses Billionaire does not need boring traditional clothes and accessories, because he wants to be different. He is proud of his achievements, and he is ready to demonstrate them without any fear. Billionaire branded products, like their owners, emphasize the style of a self-confident person. Differential, sophisticated and masterful dress code for a modern-day gentleman. Billionaire monogram is the final epitome of class and sophistication. Luxury of the bags gives its owner an opportunity to embody his own style, as it befits a true leader. For those who allow themselves the joys of life and always seek only the best. Made in Italy. Located in our store at Originalluxury.

Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein is a Swiss fashion brand, created for people who choose the extraordinary things in life. Today, the brand is known worldwide for its original design of clothing and accessories. The main colors of all collections of the bags are classic colors (black, white and shades of gray), camouflage and shades of the “rotten cherry”. This allows you to create fashion outfits of several styles at once, so you can wear Philipp Plein bags in a combination with casual, smart casual, sports, retro and even swag clothes. However, almost all products are oriented primarily towards the young adults. The basic style concept of each Philipp Plein collection is the need to show the owner’s rich inner world with the vibrant elements of the clothes and accessories. Brightness means not the color, but the design. Unique. Passionate. Exclusively at Originalluxury.


Serpui is not just a beautiful handbag. It is a work of art. Collection of the handbags includes a specific design vision: unique mix of natural elements and materials, which are combined with sophisticated style elements. The most recognizable features of the brand collections are the handmade straw bags, created in exclusive designs, using nacre, stones, exotic flowers, Swarovski crystals and hand-made embroideries. The newest collection for 2019-2020 season is available on our on-line store at

The Volon

The Volon is a modern Korean brand that produces (or it would be better to say — makes by hand) bags that can be categorized as anything, but definitely not basic, but rather casual and practical. Instead of utilitarianism — sequins, colored leather, gold fittings and curly perforations. The Volon purses cannot be attributed to basic necessities, but it is better to have at least one in your wardrobe than not. Perfect for the special occasions. Ideal for a special mood. The Volon is a vivid example of true designer fashion in the age of social networks and limitless ideas. Bags and purses are made of high-quality leather and are assembled by hand. The brand has its roots from a furniture company, reflecting architectural shapes and design inspirations. So, the products are much more thorough than it might seem at first glance. Order your Volon purse on Originalluxury website.

P.S. Do not forget that buying a new bag or a purse is always a good idea.
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